AIOZ Crypto’s Big Blue-chip contender

In crypto, more often than not a project launches and the underpinning product is still in proof-of-concept phase, then we see the said project carry out an aggressive marketing campaign and in doing so increasing the value of the projects underpinning token. As this happens, the underpinning product is literally been ‘built on the job’ — ultimately it is been paid for in advance! This method could be perceived as a hype machine built on foundations of jello (or jelly — depending on which side of the Atlantic you reside). That is certainly the way I perceive the majority of projects in the space and only a few utilise this method in good and true faith. Thankfully this notion does not apply to AIOZ.

AIOZ have been building their platform for the past 7 years and though it is currently in testnet, it already has a high degree of finish (click here). AIOZ are building a decentralised suite of streaming services, with their biggest been AIOZ TUBE (below).

AIOZ Tube : Live Testnet operational

Furthermore, as I type the team are gunning for the thing every project in this space should be going after and that is an high degree of decentralisation. Right now you can run a AIOZ node and help the project push the pendulum further toward a greater degree of decentralisation. You may not be rewarded for running a node straight away but i’m pretty sure in the future it will pay dividends.

Lets pull a little more on this thread, right now all ‘big’ streaming platforms host their videos on centralized servers. This is very costly, for example, for google to play ‘baby shark’ at a meagre 720p via YouTube it costs them $20m for 20 billion plays. Now let’s say You Tube or any platform wanted to run this using AIOZ’s decentralised method they would make a 20x savings costing a meagre $900k oppose to $20 million. This is a double win for AIOZ, not only is it casting resources across node holders and away from centralized actors it is actually markedly cheaper for this entire emergent industry.

One the easiest things to discount is AIOZ TUBE is ideal to create network effects — as you probably already know the success of the entire crypto space is built on network work effects. I personally believe the team could use the platform to their advantage by creating a 24/7/365 Crypto only AIOZ TUBE Channel. If this gathered traction it could bring exponential exposure on AIOZ. Also imagine a Binance TV Channel or a Bloomberg Crypto TV channel — AIOZ are perfectly poised for this to be a reality.


Right now, AIOZ resides at a meagre $70 Million market-cap, THETA resides at an $11 Billion market-cap — comparatively this equates to a crazy 160x difference in size. My favorite idea is if AIOZ captures 10% of the market cap as THETA that would be an instant 16x from here propelling AIOZ to ~$18. On the same note, I do not mean to undermine Theta, they are clearly market leaders and have already paved the way.

So, given AIOZ are gunning to be a decentralised streaming platform with many other features; one similar to the same functionality as Dropbox. It does not take much to realize the growth potential with AIOZ is vast — the whole concept of a streaming service invokes network effect. This is something that will also look favorable when attaining those initial tier 1 exchange listings. Also, as a sector, the entire Global Video Streaming Market size is currently estimated to be worth $60 billion and it is forecasted to be $230 billion in just three years. AIOZ initial backers include the founder of OCEAN, Mr Beast (who will probably provide content as well) and PAID IDO. There are also several other major strategic partners that have not yet been made public.


AIOZ already has ‘blue-chip swagger’ and thankfully for you and I it is currently at microcap level; like many great projects I think this one will be a case of it growing slowly then suddenly.

What’s more AIOZ already has a key strategy in place. Their marketing will consist of big YouTube stars (Mr Beast) as well as other undisclosed major backers. One thing, I find personally encouraging is the fact that they have yet to secure a big exchanging listing (yet to be baked in!), also couple in the fact they have put decentralisation a priority — AIOZ will look like an ideal fit for any of the tier one crypto exchanges.

In the past I've been EARLY and VOCAL about Unibright, Kusama, Polkadot and Crust and now my research has pointed me toward AIOZ where I expect the market-cap to go well beyond $2 Billion within this cycle.

I'm ceasing the moment with AIOZ — it will happen slowly then suddenly.




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