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I’ll get straight into it and assume you do not know what AIOZ is! AIOZ is a specialist deep tech company whose current focus (according to their website) is delivering three big video content products. These products are:

AIOZ Tube (a decentralized You tube powered by the AIOZ token) — this is currently in testnet

AIOZ OTT (think decentralized subscription service like Netflix)

AIOZ TV (think a live streaming app)

On the face of it, one would assume these products are enough to define a complete project, but sources indicate AIOZ are also building other products and applications to further enhance their offerings. In fact, a flurry of tweets around the topic of NFTs suggest AIOZ might be looking at building some form of NFT product, ‘watch this space’ spings to mind 😉

Lets talk ‘team’, according to the AIOZ website the team comprises of five key players, led by polymath, CEO Erman Tjiputra. This would be a bit misleading as I can say with certainty they have a stela 30-odd squad of engineers all driving and pushing boundaries to bring the above mentioned products to life.

Where now?

Okay, it is clear I am very bullish and very optimistic on AIOZ, but I need to check my bias and they do say its good to check in on the fundamentals of your holdings. Very recently I did just that, I took a deep dive in how AIOZ was measuring up to the original ‘gleaming’ potential that prompted me to invest a few months ago. Spoiler alert — after connecting a few dots and carrying out comprehensive research from source, it appears to be more than on track in respect of those fundamentals.

Up until recently, one of the big eluding milestones AIOZ was yet to hit, was the lack of a top tier exchange, just under two weeks from writing AIOZ secured a listing on Kucoin, great result! Furthermore, I am convinced AIOZ are far from satisfied with this notable listing and will seek to achieve additional exchange listings therefore opening up potential trading outlets.

AIOZ Tube continues to add more node holders, there are now 27’000 global AIOZ nodes sharing video files and in doing so ensuring AIOZ is a true decentralised effort. If you wish to run a node click here for more details.

Very recently AIOZ announced solid strategic partners with Bigcat, Omni, Milc and Mogul. In the future these will be very telling partners but sources suggest the big partners that are to be announced are still unknown. From the video by Venture Capitalists CEO (click here), this does not sound like just one partner. Personally, I am convinced these partners are global big hitters and I am looking forward to who they may be and what impact they will have on the project as a whole.

A big question on the mind of the AIOZ community is, “When mainet?”. To date there has been no concrete indication around a live mainet date, I for one am encouraged no definitive date has been announced. I believe having a definitive milestone date is the equivalent of putting a noose around your neck, especially in this space where big milestone events are traded heavily where “buy the rumour and sell the news” always seems to play out. Personally, I believe the mainet will drop around the Q4 2021 period, but this is just me speculating. What is encouraging is the likely launch of mainet will also be pushed to some degree by influencers and perhaps, MrBeast, who is associated with AIOZ.

AIOZ — Price Talk and Prediction

Prediction: $10 to $20 (based on an expanded bull cycle)

Many might be thinking but look at the PRICE history! Look at what it was and what it is now — I totally hear you.

Lets go back, the AIOZ IDO was a nothing less than a gleaming success. People heard the various pre-token launch news which generated the demand. On launch the price hit the mid $2 range, where soon after it took a hefty correction. This, in my opinion was due to the private investors taking advantage of the strong price created by public demand (and I was part of that public demand, buying all the way down). But ultimately I still believe, AIOZ is still relatively new and it has not yet played any of its numerous ‘best hands’ and that is why AIOZ is my most exciting and optimistic holding.

I’ve said this before, technically AIOZ already has the right team, talent and ideas to conjure 10% of THETAs market cap. All AIOZ needs to do is equal a measly 10% of THETAs market cap ($700k) where based on today’s prices that would see AIOZ at $9.10 per token. This is one of my core tenants as to how and why AIOZ could potentially be a very serious contender in the blockchain streaming space.

I will also add, given what you have read above, my $10 to $20 price estimation is on the conservative side, but in the right market conditions where we see AIOZ listed on a few top tier exchanges this $10 to $20 estimate could translate to the $30 region. Furthermore, I believe the theory of an expanding bull cycle will work heavily in favour of AIOZ. Given the project is still relatively new, an expanding cycle will give the project the extra time to establish a foothold in this space, consequently allowing the token price to flourish allowing the project as a whole to plough forward.

Closing Thoughts

Having spoken with sources close to the team I am personally convinced this project has grand-scale potential. It truly has all the ingredients to prosper and become a true crypto-blue chip, where decentralisation and distributed resources are at the core of the project. So, if you believe in the ethos of decentralised resources then now is the time to back that up by running a node, it costs practically nothing to run an AIOZ node and as intuition informs — the early bird tends always to catch the worm. Similarly, If you are a crypto gem hunter then right now I consider the current price of ~30 cent to be an absolute legend maker. Personally, all I have been doing is DCA’ing at this range and I will continue to do so.

I have spent many hours researching various projects and AIOZ is the only one that truly gets me excited and when I’m this excited I see it as a duty to share my thoughts. So, if you’ve enjoyed this please give me a retweet or share in appreciation.

Thank you for reading and I wish you every success in navigating the crypto space … and remember video streaming is the epitome of driving network effects, and that leads to growth, and this is the expertise of AIOZ.

AIOZ running..27'000 operating nodes




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