Fellow contrarians! Hello (you are a contrarian if you hold crypto, you want the antiquated current global monetary system to change — you’re an underdog, your hungry and you want strive in this world — wear it as a badge of honor!).

Its been a while since I wrote at length but in this piece I want to share where my focus is orientated and as always my focus is underpinned by risk. So whatever project I feature, understand that my portfolio and general crypto-worldview is always from a defensive stance but with a measured amount of aggression to invoke growth!

So, where are we in the current cycle? If you look at most models it is clear Bitcoin is front running expectations leading many to believe this cycle could be short and sweet. However, the counter argument is now could be the time for Bitcoin to range sideways and establish support around the $47k — $57k area.

If this be the case, it would make way for a tremendous environment for altcoins to really grow into their own. Ultimately, either scenario could play out.

I am more inclined to believe the latter scenario will play out because we are still at a stage where institutions are basically setting up stall in the wider crypto market and this takes time. So, with this at the fore now is the perfect time to explore the featured projects (it needs to be said I am no way associated with any of these projects — like you I’m just hustling and supporting worthy projects to make gains).



This space lacks crypto streaming services. I see crypto streaming becoming a sector in its own right. Over the past several years YouTube has paved the way for user content but the revenue for content providers is far from in favour of content creators. THETA has already proved this space can compete in the Content Delivery Network arena and this is why AIOZ has the potential to do exceedingly well.

At the time of writing AIOZ has a mere market cap of around $60M whereas THETA sits at $11B, now consider if AIOZ can conjure just 10% of THETA that’s a straight 20X!

As it stands AIOZ is in test-net phase where they are setting up node providers (giving the network a greater degree of decentralization), this means the main net is yet to come. Furthermore AIOZ is not listed on any exchange, again this is yet to be priced in.

I will also say the team are based in Singapore and given their recent partnerships they looking for a global audience but in man they are poised to tap into a very latent and emerging Asian viewership.

I will finish off by indicating a bold strategic move — the team have also partnered with MrBeast who I am told is a big player in the world of influencers and for me this is a VERY encouraging aggressive move.


Conservative Price Potential: 20X

Secret Network — (SCRT)


Privacy was one of the original foundations this entire space was built upon. Due to it been a difficult task to fulfil there are not many projects competing in this sector. My main point here is; the pool is warm and welcoming, but few have the legs to make the trip, but those who do will be rewarded. Secret Network is competing hard in this sector and they have a long history in crypto privacy.

What I really admire about the Secret Network is the team are always going for it, right now the Secret Network’s goals have expanded to be EVERY blockchains privacy layer — in effect they are going down the interpretability route which in my opinion is right path to take — expand rapidly because the space is expanding rapidly!

Furthermore, the community are always pushing new ideas with their ‘never-stop-to-take- a-breath’ developers and their community leader Tor Bare who is nothing less than relentless — there is not a moment that goes by he isn’t push the Secret Network.

Right now Secret Network are working with PLASM which will enable them to deliver privacy within the Polkadot ecosystem. But even more recently they are working with Binance Smart Chain to deliver privacy on its rapidly growing network.

Ultimately, this should be a hands down top 50 project. As I write the market cap sits at a meagre $220M. In my opinion this is severely undervalued by the market therefore the true gains are yet to be established.

Conservative Price Potential: 12X

Secret Network Portal

PAID Network — (PAID)


I state regularly that I consider myself to be a ‘NARRATIVE CHASER’. I think one of the foremost narratives in this space is the IDO launchpad sector. As a sector, this is yet to have its day. I think it be fair to assume at this point it is only a matter of time before one of the prominent IDO Launchpad tokens breach over the $1B market cap. In my opinion, the launchpad coin that will be first to do this will be PAID Network.

The reason I think PAID will go way beyond a $1B market is threefold. One, at present PAID have the fairest lottery system, 1K PAID token buys you one ticket into the lottery and 75K paid buys you a guaranteed slot in an offering, I also think they will be quick to adapt if they need to adapt their current model. Secondly, PAID Network are prolific, Kyle Chasse, the brainchild behind the project is forever pushing the project via his weekly YouTube channel and features regularly on Crypto Banter. Thirdly, PAID received a $100 Binance start-up grant; this is a tell tale sign that even if they don’t secure a tier Binance listing they will be listed on one of the other tier 1 exchanges.

Conservative Price Potential: 10X

Paid Network

Polkadot / Kusama:


Most already know I supported Kusama and Polkadot very early and was fully aware of their capability and ambition. Well before influencers began recommending Kusama, my previous articles foretold of a significant Kusama price increase — this occurred ahead of schedule and beyond my expectations.

People still don’t realise both Polkadot and Kusama relay chains are layer 0 meaning they could host an Ethereum, EOS or a Cardano blockchain as a parachain whilst also improving their capability.

With an infrastructure already been built ready for parachains as well as third parties like exchanges and apps also building on Polkadot (substrate) the Polkadot and Kusama networks are showing clear signs that they are capable of taking the entire space, to the mainstream at an industrial level. By this I mean every other blockchain can plug into Polkadot and utilise its decentralised properties at industrial level speed and this may friends is the GOLDEN CHALICE of the entire space — A D O P T I O N

Conservative Price Potential: 10X

Polkadot and Kusama Websites

Okay people, a big thanks for reading. If you found any value or insight from this I would really appreciated a retweet or share. Let me finish by saying, you and I are united in this game. We all want change and we want freedom — so with heavy hearts and the betterment for everything — lets go after it. GOOD LUCK.




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